Plot Digitizer

Plot Digitizer 2.6

A program for extracting information from scanned plots

Plot Digitizer is a great piece of software developed by Joseph A. Huwaldt. The main goal of the program is to extract information from two-dimensional plots or graphs. It is very common to find information the form of a plot or graph, showing the relation between two variables. However, this information will not be useful until data is converted to standard x-y values (table format). Once converted, the user can make use of the information for function approximation, constants calculation, model fitting, statistical and mathematical analysis, integration and differentiation, prediction, parametrization, etc. Moreover, the information can be used to compare it with own data and present both on a new, different and personalized plot.
This program is an excellent tool for technicians and professionals like scientists, engineers, architects, economists, financial advisers, designers, and many others.
Plot Digitizer is very easy-to-use, the user only needs to calibrate the program by selecting points in the graph and specifying its coordinates. Afterwards, the user can select points on the graph and the program will automatically calculate their coordinates. Converted data can be exported in different formats. The program also has tools for automating curves selection, inserting intermediate points, recalibrating y axis independently, thus making it easier than ever to convert plots to data.
Finally, Plot Digitizer was developed under Java and released under GPL open source license. Therefore, the program is multiplatform, running smoothly under Windows, MacOs and Linux.

Juan Morán
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Automatic data extraction
  • Unlimited undo/redo


  • Requires Java Virtual Machine to run
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